Embeddin in Sway

Could the developers please liaise with Microsoft to make sure Microsoft supports embedding H5P embeding codes on Sway please?

This is very important for us in being able to deliver quality education to our stuents.

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Hi Shahab86,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better!


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Yes this would be amazing, even a feature that could allow a .h5p file to be imported into Sway would be great but I think this would need to be a Microsoft decision...

It is amazing to finally see the integration of h5p into onenote!! one catch though it must be through h5p.com, I am using my own drupal site and it does not work for me!! a better solution would be helpful..

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Hi farrismin,

The integration with OneNote for self hosted sites is a bit tricky if not impossible as of the moment. Microsoft needs to whitelist the website that is used for the integration. If I'm not mistaken they needed to create a way for OneNote to work with wildcards in the URL, which makes it work with H5P.com since all H5P.com accounts ends with "H5P.com".


Hi everyone!!

Has there any progress for drupal self hosted sites in integration into OneNote, and other MS products.

Any directions would be highly appreciated!!