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Please, please, please, do something about this.  EVERY SINGLE TIME I MAKE A CHANGE TO MY CONTENT I HAVE TO REVERIFY.

I am VERY seriously considering finding another APP. Not to mention the REGULAR time outs for verification.


This is making your app completely UNUSABLE.



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Hi Scott,

We are very sorry about this. We are currenly looking at options.

There has been an exponential increase in spam to the website the last few weeks, and we needed to take action against it. It's a big problem for us.

- Tom

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We have now done changes to Capcha on, so that it's not as strict, and shouldn't display when editing content.

Does this work better for you?

- Tom

While I understand the need for Captcha to prevent Spam (which looks like it was re-added just recently?), it's making me go through series after series of images, sometimes 5-6 screens of fire hydrants and busses, just for me to create a quiz. Is that normal?

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We've had a wave of spam and have been adding more and more countermeasures including very aggressive Captchas and also a spam filter that automatically unpublishes most of the spam that gets through the captchas. We'll ease the anti-spam measures again if and when we see that the spammers give up.

Also, please note that is only for trying out H5P. When using H5P for students you should set up your own site and host it yourself, or use the paid service

Thank you for your reply, Falcon. I am sorry to hear about the spam you are experiencing. The paid version appears only to be available for institutions rather than individuals. I will, however, check back sometime in the future to see if that changes.

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Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your interest in You are correct it is currently only available for institutions but not for individuals or small organizations. This is mainly because the planned credit card payment feature haven't been implemented yet, and it isn't viable to handle payments manually for smaller teams whereas for organizations there will have to be different contracts and manual steps anyway. We will definitely announce once this is available for everyone.