Recycle/clone and offer the 'speak the words set' as a tool for pronunciation

I'm using H5P as a teacher in a higher education school and it offers a number of very promising tools , but I would really recommend the following:

 I suppose that the 'Speak the words set' is meant as a tool to allow students to reply orally to a content question and have their answers checked.

I wanted to use this tool to help my students pronouncing some difficult words in business like 'profitability, development, hypermarkets etc but when testing the tool, even if I pronouce these words completely wrongly -wrong sound or wrong syllable stressed, the system still accepts my answer because it is not meant as a tool to check pronunciation and probably a wide tolerance has been defined in the speech recognition software.

It wouls really help us teachers if H5P were to clone/recycle the software of this tool, and keep everything the same except for a reduction of the tolerance in the speech recognition software and then offer it as a separate pronunciation support tool. I suppose the speech recognition is advanced as you can select within English between US - British etc English.

I haven't found another tool online yet where a teacher can create an own list of words for such tool. Tools exist but always with a fixed set of words, usually basic words.

This would be amazingly interesting for lots of teachers using H5P, I believe.

Kind regards

Bruno Coessens
Odisee Brussels


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Hi Bruno,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! With the H5P supporter program the H5P community can now vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then work on a feature they find interesting or useful.