Proposal to give more feedback to students in 'essay'

The essay tool is a handy one, but 2 features could possibly be added and would increase the added value of the tool.

-1. extend the length which is now limited to 12 lines (currently the max character set seems to be calculated  as follows: number of lines x max number of characters possible on a line) but students often only use half of the line, e.g. e report writing exercise with a dash/hypen list. As a consequence they do not have enough space. Would 18 lines possible or 20? 

-2we input the key words and variants (very handy) that the system needs to check. Why would the system besides giving the score (after control), not also colour the key words or variants found in green (i.e. approved) and then list the words missing (same screen or pop up screen). That way the student - if she/he wants to try again/continue- gets some help even if he/she still has to put all these key words in sentences and structure the info.

This tool is meant as a self-assessment but also help tool, isn't it? 
It would be wonderful if these features were added.

Kind regards

Bruno Coessens
Odisee Brussels

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