"Mountain Quiz" Template


I created a "Mountain Quiz" template a while ago with the Course Presentation content type. It can be used as a gamified quiz - the user "climbs" the mountain with every question answered correctly. Feel free to download and use. I added the sources and licenses of the different elements within the "Rights of use" information.

Here is the link.


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Hi Julia,

Thank you for sharing this.


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Hi Julia!

Pretty neat! Might be cool to have this in the H5P OER Hub! https://h5p.org/oer-hub-coming

Seems you're a designer for learning content. Good to know, just in case I need to team up with someone :-)



Thank you, Oliver.

I would love to contribute to the H5P OER Hub as soon as it is available.

I definitely focus on designing content, not coding…(you`ve already been on my radar as “the guy who knows how to code for H5P”) ;-) Thus, maybe at some time there will be a chance for a cooperation :-)