Worpress h5p and library installation problems

I have a wordpress installation on a free host.

H5p would not install properly and manually installing seemed to fix the problem of the plugin installation but many of the libraries failed on installation.

After a lot of fruitless searches I decided to change the PHP version set to 7 by default. Wordpress currently requires at least 5.6 so I dropped it to that. Finally everything worked.

I'm a huge fan of this tool and have found frustration at every turn. The institute where I work doesn't know how to install it correctly on the server and I am not the admin and don't speak the same language and don't even think they want to use it on the site. Then the embeds I was using from  h5p.org didn't render correctly. Problems with the warnings bar seem to have implications with the resize functionality making it look unnattractive especially full screen. Finally for some reason I could no longer embed from one of the sites where I now host the activities so I have resorted to linking and directing my students away to my personal site.

These are my own personal experiences of trying to implement h5p. Nonetheless it remains my go to tool right now as it is incredibly interactive and stimulating for my end users and has stimulated me to return to learning php so that I can integrate personalized results into my worpress installation.

Thanks for this amazing tool. Just wanted to share the PHP version bug I encountered.