Drag and drop: correct answer is highligthed

When I drag an object to the dropping zones, the right zone gets a colour. See attachments. How can I change this?
Thanks for your reply.

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Hi Marcel!

I guess you only selected drop zone "Stap 5" as possible option for the text "Brug openen"? Your problem should be resolved by selecting the options for text "Brug openen" and then choosing all the drop zones that the text should be able to be dropped at.

The options for texts and images allow you to specify what drop zone the text or image can be dropped at. The options for the drop zones allow you to specify what text or image should be acceppted as correct. This is probably a little tricky, but gives you a lot of flexibility for the task beyond a 1:1 mapping.

That's it! Thank you very much! :-)