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Hi all,

i try to add a fullscreen button for the memory game library. But i really don´t get it. I tried different things like

1. downloading the folder H5P.MemoryGame.1.3

2. editing the library.json (added the line "fullscreen": 1,)

3. tried to reupload the zipped folder content (with 7-zip)

4. i also tried to manually zip it on the command line (this post didn´t help me

5. when i download content which i have built with the memory game and reupload it, it works.

I use the wordpress plugin on wordpress 5.3

Any suggestion?

Thank you, MArkus


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Hi Markus!

The WordPress plugin is not well suited for H5P development, hence Drupal 7 is recommended. On WordPress, on a dev system you should set the H5P_DEV environment property in your wp-config.php or some other suitable location.

define( 'H5P_DEV', true );

Otherwise, when uploading content including libraries or libraries directy, H5P will not replace existing libraries unless their version number is higher than the one on your system. Don't do this on a system in production.

Also, H5P caches pre-bundled copies of a content type's scripts and stylesheets once a content was loaded, so you will have to delete the appropriate caches files in wp-content/uploads/h5p/cachedassets each time you want to test your changes. Otherwise, even if you modify some library directly, H5P will use the cached files and you won't notice any effects.

Using the library development mode on Drupal 7 really will make your life easier ...



Hello all,

I am using H5P on Moodle localhost, please guide me how to add fullscreen button for Branching Scenario. Thanks

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Hi josephsontt,

Branching Scenario already has a full screen button. Please refer to the screenshot that was taken from the sample content.