Can't copy&paste fill in the blanks 1.12 in Interactive Book

Hello there !

I am using H5P (latest version) on Wordpress (latest version) and I am also using the wonderful Interactive Book content type to stack different activities that I have already created (fill in the blanks, drag and drop, singlechoice set... ) in one convenient book, easy to navigate for my students, with chapters and a clean interface. 

Usually I copy any "fill in the blanks content", I paste it in a chapter from my interactive book and it works like a charm. But since I have upgraded the Fill in the blanks to the latest version (1.12), the copy-paste button in Interactive Book doesn't allow me anymore to paste and I can't use Interactive Book in the way I did. A tooltip is displayed on the disabled "Paste" button :

The content in the H5P clipboard is of a higher version (1.12) than what is supported in this context (1.11),
if possible try to have this content upgraded first, and then try pasting the content here again.

(Maybe the problem will occur as well with other content types than The Fill in the Blanks 1.12 ; I haven't tried yet).

I kind of feel that Interactive Book is not a content type that the H5P Core team is working on in a near / far future. I fear that there won't be any Beta version - which is a shame (but hopefully there will ?) so I guess that there won't be any update on this front. In order to restore the copy-paste feature in "Interactive Book", I have these options :

1) Reverse the "Fill in the blanks" library to 1.11 : but is there a way to do that ? How can I get back to a previous version ? I fear this is a bad move because it means that I will be stuck forever with this version and I'd rather keep WP, my theme and plugins "up to date".

2) I've had this idea - probably stupid, but I try... : what if I altered the library.json files in H5P.Blanks-1.12 and write 11 instead of 12 in the "Minor version" field ? Would it be so bad and break all my H5P contents (about 150 of them... ) ? Would this trick even work ?

3) Maybe there is something to change in H5P.Interactive.Book-1.0 so that it will be compatible with the Fill in the Blanks 1.12 ? Maybe this is a single line to alter and a very simple fix ? I guess that it has something to do with the way dependencies are handled or something like that. (Yep, I absolutely don't know what I'am talking about and it shows here). I first thought that I could change the library.json file, but I don't see what I could update there (Fill In the Blank isn't even mentioned). So could you point out which file I would need to manually edit ? Or could you give me a piece of advice ?

4) Another solution is to use Course Presentation instead of Interactive Book. I'd love to but I'm using the "Question Set" content type a lot and Course Presentation doesn't include it. I've read somewhere in the forum that it was "quite easy" to add a library to CP but, first, I don't know how to do that myself and second, I think that it was Oliver's statement (Otacke) - and what seems "easy" to him is probably like climbing the Everest for me :) But maybe some user has done that (adding a new Content Type to Course Presentation) and could share the code or point out directions ?

This is a bummer for me ; I am at a lost here... so any help or piece of advice would be highly appreciated :)

Have a nice week-end !

Isabelle (apologizing for the terrible english ; i'm french)

Copy-paste feature won't work with Fill in the Blanks 1.12
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Hi Realia,

  1. There is but there will be multiple adjustments accross multiple libraries for different content types that uses Fill in the Blanks. So it wouln't be a good route in this situation.
  2. Not a good idea as well. Changing the version number will also affect those content types that uses FIll in the Blanks.
  3. - 4. My coding skills are novice at best so I'll leave this to someone who has more knowledge than I do.

However I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.



Thank you very much, BV, for your kind reply :)

I kind of knew that points 1. and 2. were dead ends. But I tried anyway : didn't work, did'nt broke my contents though, so I restored the original files.
As for 3. and 4., my coding skills are at best zeroing the "non knowing anything" level, so I won't go far even if I try :p

Thanks for the bug report. Actually, I am less worried today, because something tells me (and by something, I mean Github) that in the end, maybe there will be a Beta version of the magnificent H5P Interactive Book content... :)

Thanks again for your time and reply !


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Hi Isabelle,

Sorry I forgot to mention regarding getting Interactive Book out of Alpha version. You are correct there are changes on the way but in terms of timeline I'm not sure.


Thanks for this added note (I didn't see it last week) :)
No ETA for sure but there is hope that Interactive Book will eventually get out of the alpha zone : this is fantastic news !