Add result.success xAPI value to Question Set activity

It would be really useful if the Question Set activity used the pass percentage field to determine whether the user had passed the activity, and then indicated this with either a "true" or "false" as the xAPI result.success value in the statement. 

The verb could also be 'passed' rather than 'completed'

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It already does have result.success :)

Oh right. I was looking at the xAPI coverage page here: and it only lists the following...

  • result.score.max
  • result.score.min
  • result.score.raw

Does 'result.success' need adding to this list?

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Yes, we actually need to do some development or something to enable the xAPI documentation to show the latest updates. For instance to show time codes and slide numbers if a multichoice is used within a course presentation, so we haven't updated the docs yet for the latest release. I don't know if it is easy to add conditional information using fields and views in Drupal