Speech Recognition On/Off Functionality

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In a previous bug thread I explained an issue where, if there was enough background noise...the speech recognition didn't know when to shut off. This meant that I'd have to wait an excessive amount of time, sometimes up to 1 minute to get feedback on speech. 

It would be great to require the speaker to click to start speech and also click off to end speech input. This would in theory tell Google Chrome that all speech input required has been completed and hopefully speed up the time it takes to receive feedback.

I must admit, the speech recogintion functionality is INCREDIBLY attractive and as a Chinese teacher, I am really impressed this was developed. I can't tell you how much this made my love for H5P grow and my students love it, too.

Really excited to see the growth of this in the coming months/year. 

Really wish I could make the trip to the conference in Norway...But, seeing I'm in New Zealand, well...you can't get much further from the conference than that. :-(

Been using H5P for years, so it's been awesome to join the journey thus far!



Add On/Switch Speech input Switch for 'Speak for the Words'
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Thank you febster. I agree that this will be a useful addition to an already awesome content ;-) .