Missing Translations for Library Core

Hi All,

When I go to the h5p editor page in French I see a message which is visible only for few seconds that "Missing Translation For Library Core".

Platform and version number: Drupal 8

H5P plugin version :8.x-1.0-rc17

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Hi mriaz,

Can you check if you have any errors in the browser console.


Yes, I checked Developer Console and there is no Error. 

Yes, I checked Console and there is No Error in the Console. 

I tried to use the debugging tool in the browser and I came to know that the following code is calling the function to display a message that h5p Editor is loading... 

Any idea how to solve this issue?

I have added the screenshot of the console for reference. 

<div class="h5p-editor h5peditor">' + ns.t('core', 'loading') + '</div>'