Blank Virtual Tour (360) on iPhone


Here is our virtual tour done with H5P :

We created 3 tours recently (on May 14). One for each floor of our library.

We are using Wordpress 5.3.3 with a child theme based on Bento (version 2.4) by Satori Studio. On that Wordpress, we have H5P at version 1.15.0.

Each virtual tour is a post in Wordpress.

It seems the "Virtual Tour (360)" content type does not work on smartphones.

I have an iPhone iOS 9.3.5 with Safari.

When I go look at our vitual tours with that device, I get a blank tour (see attachment).

Blank Virtual Tour (360) on iPhone
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Looks normal when I tried to check it. I used an Ipad pro 9.7. I'm suspecting that there could be something that is blocking it from loading in your phone like another app or attachment in the browser.