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I know the Vimeo domain privacy issue has been discussed here several times. I'm using Vimeo pro however I don't want to use video direct link as H5P reveals it in the inspect element. Plus Vimeo benefit besides transcoding is domain-level privacy. 

So I'm using h5p Column with iFrame Embedder and a quiz. This works fine on Desktop. I able to embed Vimeo videos with this URL in iframe embedder activity;


However, when viewing using iOS, the Vimeo domain privacy is not working. It simply says "Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here". So I'm I believe H5P not sending the right referrer?

Vimeo Documentation says:
If the domain is listed in your video settings page, but the error is still appearing, the domain specified in your address bar may be different from the domain sent to the Vimeo player. In these cases, the privacy error may appear. Contact a web developer to confirm if there is anything in your site's HTML code that could be blocking the referrer from reaching our player iframe.

As the activity works fine on Desktop, is this a bug? 

Note: Using it with Moodle 3.8 and H5P activity module


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Hi samsuresh,

The core team does not recommend using iFrame embedder anymore because of accessibility issues and it is not responsive.