Moodle Interactive Video - No submit screen

We are using interactive videos in moodle.

They all have at least one single choice question and then a submit screen at the end.

A number of users are reporting that on certain videos the video freezes and they can't get to the submit screen.

Logging in to Moodle as that user, we can replicate the issue, but often if completing that activity on my own account it works fine.

The only 'fix' is to recreate the submit screen, which forces moodle to think it is new content, which allows the user to watch the video again and this usually makes the submit screen appear.

This isn't on any particular video (we have hundreds up) and not any particular user (a number are reporting this same issue but on different videos).

There seemed to be a very similar issue reported before at: but I don't actually see any resolution there.

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Hi marktomlinson,

For starters I think this is a totally different issue.

Would you mind checking if you have any errors in the browser console whenever the video freezes.


Hi Mark,

We have the exact same issue you've described - did you eventually manage to fix it?

It's hard to replicate this issue, but I will check for errors in the browser console when it's next reported.