Bulk import ability for H5P activities

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We'd really love to see the ability to upload multiple H5P activities at once. Currently, we've figured out how we can download all of the H5P files in an existing WordPress installation relatively quickly, but moving these to another instance/installation is a tedious task, since each H5P activity has to be uploaded singly. Is there a plan to allow users to upload/import multiple H5P activities at once, rather than one by one? We would be very interested in this feature, particularly in our plans to develop H5P as part of Open Educational Resources (OER), since users may want to download, modify, and reuse several existing H5P activities.

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I've always planned to add this feature, but there are lots of things the core team should do, and this one isn't at the top of the list. It will be there sooner or later. Sooner if and when we get funding for it.
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Thanks for the quick, forthcoming response. I'm hoping to have some news for you re: funding shortly.

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So 5 years later any updates on that feature?! Would be really useful considering the fact that H5P content worldwide is exploding right now!

So 5 years later any updates on that feature? Would be really helpful considering the fact that H5P content worldwide is exploding right now!

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Hi funkmunk,

I'm afraid there are no updates on this feature yet. The good thing about H5P is that it is open sourced so you or anyone can create the feature.  You can also help by developing or help (crowd) fund the development of this feature.