Interactive Video Navigation Hotspot Bug - H5P and Moodle


I am using the Interactive Video tool in Moodle (version 8.3.3) and have been coming across problems when using the Navigation Hotspot Tool to jump between time points in the video. 

The H5P plugin that we use on our Moodle Site is available in the 'Activity Chooser', and embedded in the site. Therfore we make our content on Moodle, rather than within H5P.

In the first instance, when clicked the Navigation Hotspot works. However, once it has jumped, the video continues to play, but the seconds do not change at the bottom of the screen (as if the video is paused). Because of this, the video does not pick up when it has reached the time point for the next hotspot, so the video is stuck playing in a loop, and none of the remaining hotspots can be utilised.

This occured in Microsoft Edge, as is the first time this problem has happened.  

I also wondered if there was a way to hide the time bar underneath the video (which shows where all the hotspots are). We don't want our users to be able to skip to different hospots using this bar, rather than using the steps in the video.

I would greatly appreciate some advice on this issue, and any possible solutions. 

Thank you!



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Hi Abigail,

For the navigation hotspot issue there is an existing bug report.

As for hiding the time bar, this is not possible however you can enable the 'Prevent skipping forward in a video' setting under Beahavioural Settings.This prevents the users from navigating through the default controls.