Content type creation not possible


I'm having trouble adding new content with the H5P plugin (v. 1.0.0) in WordPress 4.0 with the default theme and no other plugins.

I uploaded the Interactive Video content type from your site and it worked as intended but I can't add new content based on the same library.

When I try to add new Interactive Video content, no fields are available. Only this code: [field:group:wizard:interactiveVideo] followed by an empty Common fields box. And when I try to create the content regardless, it gives an error "No such library".

This sort of thing also happens with at least the Presentation and Flashcard content types, all downloaded from your examples.

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Can you provide any relevant messages from your web server's error log when uploading?

It looks like you didn't get all the libraries when uploading the content.
Are you on Windows?

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We fixed many bugs in the newest version of H5P for Wordpress that was released today. Please try to update. We'll appreciate it if you can post an update here after updating.

Among other things we now work a lot better on sites with debugging enabled and sites with other languages installed.