Error after installation


Today, I installed via wordpress plugin. 

  • I am using MasterStudy theme with WPBakery. It's a multisite.   
  • I can create content, import demos and can place it on a page/post. No issues.
  • The H5p content shows when I "preview" the page /post. 


  • The H5P content does not show when I publish a page of post.  ( During the preview, it is visible)

I am attaching 2 jpg files.  The error indicates towards  " H5PIntegration / missing translation).


Other issues I observed;

  • During creation of content in h5p, picture uploads from computer but not from media folder.  (seems to have implication on reference /name of file)
  • In Gutenberg , there is no option to place the H5P content. However, it is available in WPBakery builder. It has button which directly takes to H5P and has insert key. (Just FYI)


  • Checked multiple themes including twenty-twenty, divi and others.
  • Also, tried uploading directly and reinstalling / unistalling etc. Tried various methods like checking full screnn etc.


Need your support. Thanks

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