Get blank page - can't upload h5p file in Joomla

So I've seen a couple posts on problems using H5P in Joomla. I installed it to make flashcards on Joomla 3.3 site. When I create new article and click on h5p button, I get a popup that is completely blank - no way to upload anything. Does this mean the component is not compatible with Joomla 3.3, or is there something else wrong that I can fix? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Unfortunately, the Joomla plugin has not been updated for a while, and there are several known issues. We are planning a new, updated H5P-release for Joomla, but it will be late this year. If it is possible for you, I would recommend trying out H5P for Wordpress or Drupal, where the H5P-plugin is up to date.

thank you