how to enable the video streaming in h5p interactive video?


I have used h5p plugin on my Drupal site. On our site we were using videojs.js for video streaming. How to enable the video streaming in h5p? 

Red5 server is mainly used for video streaming. Can anyone tell how to proceed to get video streaming?

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You only need to provide the URL to where the video is hosted, ending in .mp4, .webm or .ogv, and the video will start streaming when you press play.

 I dont know where to give the video url for video streaming.

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The Interactive Video Tutorial should provide you with the details you need to use the tool.

we use Ensemble streaming server and the permalinks that it creates looks like:

with out any extension. how do I get h5p to accept this video link? (you can play the video)

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Hi, this seems like a custom video player.The video's source is hidden, so you can not use it like it is here.

You should contact the owner of the video or the video solution to hear if it is possible to get a direct link or file with the video.