Course Presentation editor does not appear


Course presentation editor does not appear, displays text instead '[field:group:coursepresentation:presentation]' (see attached screenshot)

Other content types appear fine, everything else in moodle works as expected.

Course presentation works in 2 other similar moodle installations I manage.

reviewed troubleshooting page but no luck

No php errors. (moodle debug messages set to Developer) 

Browser Console tab: refer to h5p error, see attached screenshot 

Browser Network tab: 304 errors, see attached screenshot


environment and settings:moodle 3.5.12+moodle h5p plugin: h5p 1.20.1h5p librariesCourse Presentation (1.19.3) Course Presentation (1.20.4) Course Presentation (1.21.4)  Course Presentation Editor (1.19.1) Course Presentation Editor (1.20.5) Course Presentation Editor (1.21.3) PHP Version 7.1.17php.ini   error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT   display_errors = On   extension=php_mbstring.dll   extension=php_openssl.dll   zip, part of core now, see screenshot   extension=php_fileinfo.dllwindows 2008r2 server, IIS7.5
Content types: