'Multiple Choice' question records time,score but 'Question Set' does not

Hello all,

Regarding quizzs: Selecting the 'multiple choice' content and creating a quiz with one question(the only option) will send percentage|Max|timespent to the LRS.

                                                   Please see attachment

I need those three data elements for educational approval and tracking!

But when I select 'question set' so I can create more than one multiple choice question, it lacks percentage|Max|timespent. The data above does not get sent to the LRS! Only a complete statement, score and result.

How can we get this corrected? It is important. Perhaps another way?


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I think you've run into a missing feature for Question Set. We haven't implemented support for that there yet, but we plan to. It is not a big job. If you have developers or are able to fund this we will be happy to get it into Question Set.

Found the "single choice set" does it. It also randomizes the answers so all is good. Thanks! 

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Good, by the way I think question set also includes time spent, score and percentage score on completion. I just tested it here on H5P.org.