Interactive Video: How to delete the interaction

Is there a way to remove an interaction in an interactive video? I don't seem to see the interaction as separate from the video and can't find the answer in Help. Thanks!

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Hi cmalamed,

Below are the steps to remove an interaction in "Interactive Videos":

1. Go to "Step 2 - Add Interactions" 

2. Click the dot at the buttom of the video (Interaction indicator).

3. Click on the interaction.

4. Double-Click the interaction then click remove.

Hope this helps.


Hello & thanks for taking time out of your busy day to do some detective work. Not sure what info you need so I'll try my best to describe the problem.  Within my account, I'm working on "BTC MODULE 1"  and around :43 there is an interaction I did not program. I want it gone, but I can't figure out where to double click to delete it. Any ideas?  (I can't figure out how to download my work in the editor to show you what I mean. When I tried that it exported as a mp4, and you only accept H5P.)

Appreciate your answer as quick as possible- we're test driving this for a huge global client.  With all my appreciation, Taryn



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Hi Taryn,

Where are you creating the content? 

You have to make sure that when you are creating the content you have the "Download Button" checked. If this is enable when you save the content you should have the download button at the bottom of the content.