Export H5p file as text file format


Is there any tool or process that I can export or convert H5p file into text or doc format

I know that H5p MCQs can take it as the textual format a simple text format

for each file goto edit mode and click on textual format and copy and paste it in a notepad or a word whatever...

But this process tool long and annoying when we are doing with bulk no of H5p MCQ files which are stored in a repository in drive dropbox which will not allow opening the  .h5p format

Thanks in advance




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Hi pk_00,

I'm afraid there isn't a tool that can do this, nothing that I know of at least. If someone in the community has created one feel free to post your comments.


Thank you BV52,  for your quick response


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There is an indirect method for exporting H5P questions using a Moodle plugn that I developed, H5P content types. If that is installed on a Moodle platform, you can import questions into the question bank from an H5P file and then export them using any available export format, several of which are plain text. If you do not have Moodle access,  you can set up an account on my site.

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Hi dthies,

Thank you for sharing this.