Missing 'send to back' in course presentation


I've recently cloned a version of Opigno on Drupal 7 and I'm missing the 'send to back' option in the Course Presentation. The other context menu items are visible and was wondering if you could help point in the direction of where this is set so I can see what's gone wrong.

Clicking the 'bring to front' button again doesn't do anything and I don't get any console errors


Drupal 7.65

Opigno Version: 7.x-1.17

H5P Version: 7.x-1.46

Course Presentation (1.19.1)


Course Presentation Editor (1.19.1)

Screenshot of missing 'send to back' context menu item:


Content types: 

Another issue has been spotted as well. When we do use the 'bring to front' action for the draggable elements it changes the order of the items listed in the drop zones correct answers list. It puts the re-ordered element at the bottom of the list and unticks it's checkbox saying that's the right item for this dropzone.

Any help / things to look into would be really appreciated!