Bulk Loading of powerpoint Slide images to H5P Presentation

Hi all,

We had been struggling to upload PPT slides images in H5P presentation type content but there was no feature or plugin avaliable to do so or atleast we could not find it. It was thought to be painful to upload manually 4000+ slides in 200+ presentations in H5P contents in wordpress site. Fortunately, our skilled WP developer could accomplish to develop code for the purpose and we can now upload all images in bulk for each prsentation fairly easily and quickly. Since we have taken this development, we are thinking further to make it into a generic plugin with more features. If anybody interested in this generic plugin and wish to see features included in it, please enlist them here. We will compile the list to include those features. We will proceed for a generic plugin only based on interest from members in this community.


Suresh Agrawal
www. oms-elearning-academy.com



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We are also interested in this bulk uploading PPT plugin.  Would appreciate any help.  Could you please share the plugin?

Ajil Abraham ([email protected])