Suggestions about the structure of the documentation


I have two suggestions to improve the structure of the documentation:

  1. Sort the entries under the menu "Tutorials for authors" alphabetically.
  2. Collect description/documentation for all content types under the menu "Tutorials for authors".

My rationale for these two suggestions:

ad 1): What is the logic of the ranking under the menu "Tutorials for authors"?  Looking for the documentation of a specific content type I have always to scan the list from top to end. Why is the list for the documentation of the content types not sorted alphabetically? 

ad 2): Some (many) of the content types in the h5p documentation are missing in the menu "Tutorials for authors". For instance.

  • Advanced fill the blanks
  • Column
  • and 13 more

But most of the missing content types have already a demo and a short description of how to use (see for instance:, and I know they (still) lack the same detailed step-to-step procedure as a module in the standard h5p documentation. But wouldn't it be better to have all docs in one place, even if they have not the same structure and quality?





complete and alphabetically structured documentation
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Hi Peter,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will forward this to the H5P core team.