RTL text in Course Presentation - bug in Chrome

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We have H5P as a Moodle plugin, and are having a problem with the Course Presentation content type on Chrome.

  1. We create a Course Presentation content type
  2. We click on the T to open a textbox
  3. In the textbox editor we click the Right Alignment button
  4. We write our text. It is actually aligned to the right in the editor.
  5. We finish and click the "Save and display" button
  6. The resulting text in the course Presentation isn't right-aligned.
  7. This happens only in Chrome. When we create that content type in Firefox, the text is wrapped in a <p> element withe the style attribute: text-align: right.
  8. This happens only with the Course Presentation content type. Other content types align to the right when defined.
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Hi leac,

Would you mind attaching a simple sample content? I do not have experience with RTL writing so I am not sure if creating my test content will be 100% reliable.