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Report from visitor about using on IPhone. Only shows part of word search screen. (The only mod I've made was to change the color of  the words column - otherwise, is right out of the package.)

If I try to emulate phone on Chrome by reducing window, it works down to about 350px wide.

I'd just drop the game but people really liked it.

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Hi Cyndi K,

Find the Words is a community contributed content type. I suggest that you report this directly to the developer through his Git repository.


Thanks, I'll try that. The only solution I've thought of so far is to set the minimum width to 350px and hope phone viewers don't mind scrolling left/right. Not ideal but better than nothing at all. Haven't tried that yet, though. I'll ask developer about it.

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Hi all!

This is related to other content types as well, e.g. Drag the Words. There's a thread that I can't find right now.

I've contacted Jithin because I improved one other of his content types, but I never got a reply. It's possible that he abandoned all his content types.