Access to ADD function in moodle content bank




To prepared some courses on my PC in order to place it on a server after, I installed moodle on my PC with the « moodle for window » version delivered on the moodle site (it is using version 3.9.)

I resolved the classical problem of 80 port used by window services and installed also the last version of the plugin of H5P.

So I can use moodle, import and create article. it is well running. But...


From there I can create new articles with option H5P interactive but when it is done it seems that the modification is not possible. I do not understand why because thi H5P element should be stored somewhere. Where is this stored ? Or is the H5P format lost ?



As I read that it is better to create the H5P article directly in the content bank I tried to do so.

The problem is that the command button « ADD » does not propose me any kind of H5P. Does someone know how I can solve this ?


Thanks for your help.



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Hi etincelle!

The moodle core version of H5P was not developed by the H5P core team, but by moodle HQ. You might have better chances of getting an answer there.



Thanks  Oliver for your quick reply.