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Hi All, 

I have been creating content using the interactive video tool which is brilliant! However, there's different behaviour when using an Image as a hotspot to navigate versus using a Navigation Hotspot.

When using an Image to navigate (i.e. setting a 'go to on click' timestamp), the browser behaves unexpectedly. In both Safari or Chrome, when you tap on an image that's been made navigable, it jumps to the top of the webpage so the user loses the focus on the H5P content. 

Additionally, in full-screen mode, when using Safari (admittedly v14 and I don't have a way of testing previous versions), it jumps out of the content altogether.

In both cases, the content carries on playing as expected as you can hear it continuing.

FYI - I'm using H5P on Wordpress and embedding using the shortcode.

I've attached the project file as that might help.

Any help appreciated as ideally, I'd like to use images to set the navigation positions.  



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Hi mjwareha,

Thank you for reporting this. There is an exisitng bug report for this issue.


Hi BV - thanks for getting back to me. Forgive my ignorance, does that mean it's in a roadmap to be resolved or just that there's an issue noted? I've got round the issue for now by including the navigational images in the video content and marking them with a hotspot in H5P. I've got a ton more content to create tho and would be great just to drop clickable images in :-)

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Hi mjwareha,

It is to be resolved in terms of timeline there isn't. The H5P core is a small team and are handling more pressing matters.