Ensure learners answer questions in Interactive Video, New True/False Question Type and much more

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Ensure Quiz Completion in Interactive Video

Authors can now ensure that learners answer all the questions in an Interactive Video by preventing them from skipping forward, fostering deeper engagement with the content and creating a more structured learning experience. Many authors have requested this feature and we in the H5P Core Team and proud to present it:

New content type: True/False Question

True/False questions is a simple and straightforward content type that can be created either as standalone content types or integrated into Question Sets, Interactive Videos or Course Presentations.

Column Layout 

There has been great demand for a way to combine H5P’s and a new content type called Column allows authors to organize content types vertically: 

Improved accessibility for Single Choice Set

Accessibility improvements to Single Choice Set represent the community's latest efforts in making interactive content accessible for everyone. ARIA support and improved keyboard navigation has been added to ensure that Single Choice Set is navigable without a mouse and optimized for screen readers.

Question Set Gets Randomization

Variety is the spice of life. Questions in a question set can now be randomized to present users with a different order each time. A random sample of questions can also be specified to be shown from the total number. 


Other Improvements

  • One of the community's leading contributors, otacke, has added a neat feature to specify a start time for interactive video
  • Question Set: add option to disable backwards navigation
  • Interactive Video: Rename editor labels for greater clarity


  • Interactive Video: Working on Chrome in  iOS 10 for iPad
  • Interactive Video: Pause/play button doesn't update when rewinding
  • Questionnaire displayed as blank on Wordpress
  • Wordpress: Fix overstepping multi-site quota
  • Question Set:  Tip is not saved in textual mode



 This release would not have been possible without sponsors and contributors. A big thanks goes out to all of them! Read more about the sponsors and contributors below:

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