Interactive Video Improvements, the new questionnaire content type and more

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Interactive Video improvements

Wouldn't it be cool to tailor the video experience for users? With the latest improvements to Interactive Video H5P authors may create many new video experiences for their users. See one example below:

And did you know that the iPhone finally also supports HTML5 video now? Your H5P interactive videos will be available for iPhone users as long as they have the latest version of iOS (iOS 10) and you use an updated version of Interactive Video.

Full list of improvements:

New content type: Questionnaire

Many community members have asked for the ability to add open ended questions to Interactive Videos and in other contexts. With the new questionnaire content type  this and more is possible.

Questionnaire makes the user's answers available via xAPI. This means that website owners may store the answers in many different ways. Answers may be stored in an LRS, the sites own custom storage or a script may for instance fetch the e-mail address and use it to send the user an e-mail. On answers are stored in Google Analytics.  

Other improvements

  • Swapped icons for Multiple Choice and Single Choice Set in the Course Presentation and Interactive Video authoring tools (pull requests by otacke)
  • Multiple choice: Add hanging indent to answer text (pull request by otacke)
  • The Interactive Video, Course Presentation and Drag Question authoring tools now support using the delete button for deleting elements.


  • Interactive Video: Images in popup does not fit anymore
  • Interactive Video: Video paused - interaction not shown (YouTube only)
  • Bugfix core: Select can't be optional
  • Bugfix: Interaction settings and texts initially missing in Interactive Video and Course Presentation
  • Drag question: fix for background opacity bug (pull request by francisfueconcillo)


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