Great improvements in the October release

We know that great user experience (UX) is an important part of creating and consuming content. Therefore, we have been working hard this summer to improve the user experience for the H5P content types. The most important improvements for this release are: 

Interactive Video UX improvements

The main focus for this release has been improving the UX of Interactive Video. Interactive video is our most popular content type and now we have made it much easier to create great videos with interactivity. We have also optimized viewing for smaller screens, such as mobile phones.

Below is an example where you'll be able to test your knowledge about Sushi. 

Improved control over inserted content

Until now, inserted content generally and questions specifically, may have looked misplaced inside their boxes. Especially buttons may have been positioned strangely in some scenarios. To make sure this isn’t a problem anymore we have made sure that all control buttons always stay vertically aligned in one row. We achieve this by having them automatically switch to icon mode if there isn’t room for all the labelled buttons. 

When doing this we have also rewritten big parts of the content types code to make sure that they have similar logic and the same HTLM and CSS structure. By doing this, we have also made it easier to add new features to all question types and easier for sites using H5P to apply their own styling to the different content types. 

New context menu

To make it more intuitive for users to use the editor we have added contextual buttons for editing and deleting inserted elements.

More intuitive selection of poster or button view 

When creating Interactive Video many haven’t noticed the possibility to place content as posters directly on top of videos. Therefore, we have made this option more intuitive. 

Better links

Now the end user won’t have to double click to visit links integrated into an Interactive Videos. The links are now placed directly on top of the video making them directly accessible.

Shortcodes for Drupal

To make it easy to include interactive content as an integrated part of your Drupal page, as we are doing in this post, we have added shortcode support for Drupal. To learn how to enable shortcode for Drupal visit our Drupal setup page. This feature has been available in WordPress from the start.  

Accordion and other improvements

We've created a new content type called Accordion. It has a good WAI ARIA coverage making it easier to use for blind users with modern screen readers.

Other improvements:

Get the updates

Make sure your Drupal/Wordpress plugin is up to date and see the update instructions for updating your content types.

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The design and development job has been done by the H5P Team. The team consists of now seven people working full time to make H5P move forwards as quickly as possible.




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