An exciting new content type, accessibility improvements, UX improvements and more

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New content type: Personality Quiz

In this release, we’re pleased to present Personality Quiz, an exciting new content type developed by Lumenia, a student company in Norway. Personality Quiz may be used for entertaining quizzes like "Who are you in Game of Thrones", or in our case "Which berry are you?" See it in action below.

Personality Quiz is developed by Lumenia, a Norwegian student company.

To build a personality quiz, the author defines a series of questions which present the user with several alternatives. Each potential choice is matched against one or more personality types, so that when the user completes the quiz, the personality type which best matches their responses is displayed for them.

Want to use the Personality Quiz on your own site? Get it here.

Moodle Release Candidate

At long last, H5P has been approved and made available in Moodle's plugin directory. We’re hopeful that many more moodlers will now be able to find and embrace H5P! We’re especially pleased to see that it received a Reviewer’s choice award, which is only given to “particularly useful, well coded or otherwise interesting plugins” :)

Accessibility Improvements

In this release, we’ve also focused  on making sure that the Arithmetic Quiz content type conforms to WCAG 2 AA requirements and has good WAI-ARIA coverage.

The H5P community is constantly working on improving accessibility.

We want to give a big thank you to the participants in the WWW/W4A Hackathon for kickstarting this by creating pull requests which addressed some of these issues. Take a look at the results below, and please leave your thoughts :)

While the accessibility of the Question Set content type was greatly improved in a previous release, some accessibility issues weren’t addressed until this release. Specifically, we’ve now completed the following: 

  • Finished button accessibility
  • Improved navigation accessibility
  • Reworked the solution mode to address accessibility issues

If you still see any accessibility improvements needed for this content type, please leave a comment!

Other Improvements

  1. Course Presentation: Stop summary slide from flickering
  2. Course Presentation: Background menu close button added
  3. Course Presentation: More subtle Continuous text tool
  4. Course Presentation: Blanks progress dot update
  5. Hide edit copyright button when there is no image
  6. Renamed “Advanced Text” to “Text”
  7. Improved the reorder functionality and improved the color scheme within vertical tabs


  1. Interactive Video: splash screen misplaced on YouTube videos
  2. Interactive Video: Play button visible and clickable too soon, thanks to clickandlearn for reporting
  3. Interactive Video: Go To Question defaults to checked when editing, thanks to tobbeberger for reporting
  4. Question Set: Not working on iPhone, thanks to sruiz for reporting
  5. Question Set: Libraries without correct answers must be regarded as answered
  6. Question Set: Reset questions are still blue
  7. Question Set textual mode: Tip not being parsed, thanks to hakangur for reporting
  8. Blanks: xAPI statements of type "answered" were duplicated, thanks to spazfox for reporting
  9. Mark The Words: xAPI interacted events fire on resume
  10. Multiple Choice: Does not show tip if tip field only contains whitespace content, thanks to mitchz for reporting
  11. Drag and Drop: Scoring for dropzones with elements, without elements and with no correct elements.
  12. Drag and Drop: Editor interaction resizing issue
  13. Memory game: Always trigger completed event when finished
  14. Facebook Page Feed: Default size 100% not working, thanks to Realia for reporting
  15. Updated all french translations, thanks to Realia for the work
  16. Filter_input problems during upgrade, thanks to Pifagor for the fix
  17. iFrame embedder resizing problem
  18. Stop loading SVG from, thanks to jukka792 for reporting
  19. Moodle: view activity not showing, thanks to Nadav Kavalerchik for fix
  20. YouTube video in Multiple Choice inside Question Set collapses on navigation
  21. Fix copy pasting between H5Ps in all contexts
  22. Wordpress: Reassign capabilities when multisite is enabled or disabled, thanks to dhamel for reporting
  23. Cloning of content on has stopped working
  24. Allow hyphens in HTML tags for Drupal, thanks to andyrandom for fix
  25. Drupal 7 notice when reverting revisions
  26. H5P fails if localStorage is disabled, thanks to bluetea for reporting
  27. Excessive calls to variable_set in Drupal, thanks to Nikolay Dobromirov for fix
  28. iPad private session not showing some H5Ps, thanks to sruiz for reporting
  29. Unnecessary AJAX for loading content user data


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