Moodle Beta, Accessibility Improvements and More Released

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Moodle Beta

Finally all the most important features have been implemented and a beta version of H5P for Moodle including the authoring tool is ready. Through a great cooperation between Joubel and Mediamaisteri, and lots of funding from Mediamaisteri, H5P is now entering the Moodle community. We hope that as many people as possible will try out the plugin and provide feedback. We plan to send it for review to in a week or two after the H5P community has had some time to test it.

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Accessibility Improvements to Question Set and Fill in the Blanks

All H5P content types are being upgraded in terms of accessibility. In this release, the focus has been on Question Set and Fill in the Blanks. We're aiming and trying our best to achieve WCAG 2 AA conformance and good results in screen reader testing with a good WAI-ARIA coverage. For QuestionSet there is still some more work left.

Want to help? Try out the demo below and share your thoughts. Is this great accessibility? What can be better?

UX Improvements to Question Set

When doing the accessibility improvements we've also made some UX improvements to Question set:

  1. Retry now displays the intro page if available
  2. Some fields in the authoring tool have been moved and renamed after user feedback
  3. Score bar and feedback appear when pressing check for each question
  4. End video always covers 100 % of the width
  5. Better consistency between question types
  6. Better behavior when “Show Results” is disabled
  7. The Question Set's start screen now has a minimum height

WordPress Improvements

We've made it easier for new users to figure out how to add H5Ps to WordPress pages and posts

xAPI Improvements

The answered statements from drag and drop now include the user's answer and the correct answer, and in Fill in the Blanks, the answered statements now support multiple correct alternatives and won't include the hints.

Other Improvements

  1. Authors may add a confirmation dialog in multiple choice on retry and check. This feature is optional and off by default but required by WCAG if results are being stored when clicking the check button.
  2. Improved tab/keyboard support in the Summary content type. Summary will get more accessibility improvements in later releases
  3. Improved keyboard support in Mark the Words. Mark the Words will get more accessibility features in upcoming releases.
  4. Tabindex improvements
  5. Overriding retry and show solution options in CP, Question Set and IV is more intuitive
  6. Visualize which fields are mandatory in the authoring tool
  7. Fullscreen has been removed from drag and drop since it often gets scrollbars and becomes useless

Bug Fixes

As usual, many bugs have been fixed (did any new ones hatch during the work with this release? We hope not, but do let us now asap if you see any!):

  1. Summary screen in Question Set didn’t show the data entered through the authoring tool
  2. Resume in Multichoice didn’t always work
  3. Resume in Summary didn’t always work
  4. Syntactic and spelling errors in core code fixed by Dave Richer
  5. H5P didn’t handle minor or major versions with more than 1 digit
  6. Text clarity improvements and spelling mistakes corrected in readme and spec by Marc Laporte
  7. Tip popup in Fill in the blanks not always removed correctly
  8. Preview in Drag and Drop authoring tool didn’t always scale content the same way as the view
  9. Video file in Question Set summary couldn’t be removed
  10. CKEditor pop-ups won’t display outside the viewport
  11. JavaScript console errors in Drag and Drop
  12. Tip texts could sometimes be hidden
  13. Quotes problem in Flashcards fixed by Timothy Lim
  14. Draggable texts in Drag Text were bouncing in Course Presentation on hover
  15. Bad truncating of big draggables in Drag Text
  16. When cloning nodes in Drupal images that had been cropped didn't get cloned
  17. Accordion panels were added in random order in Chrome
  18. File records didn't get removed from file_managed table on uninstall in Drupal
  19. Setting width and height in pixels for Find the Hotspot and Drag and Drop didn’t always work
  20. Problem in Question Set where it was impossible to complete the set if you accidently pressed check without providing an answer for Mark the Words for instance
  21. In case sensitive mode Fill in the Blanks answers was converted to lower case when looking at the solution.
  22. Interactive Video can now display both the copyright info for the video and the video copyright information for the video.
  23. Enable “Show solution” button not working in Question Set
  24. “Require user input before showing solution” in Multiple Choice didn't do anything.

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What do you think about the new improvements? Are you missing anything? Feel free to leave a comment below!