Status Update - September 2017

What an incredible community we’ve got! Gathering 65 community members in Tromsø last week was amazing. I got to know many in the community a lot better and far better insight into how some of the visitors were using H5P. We did our best to help each other succeed with H5P, inspire each other and work on the H5P roadmap. Some of the top requests from the conference have already been fixed, but not yet released.

The best part of the conference was getting to spend three days with a large group of people working towards the same goal. Our common understanding of the problems we're solving and the vision behind the solutions to these problems gave a great sense of unity and resulted in an amazing atmosphere throughout the conference.

We were even lucky with the weather, below are some pictures from the conference including one of the northern lights that were visible both before, during and in the days after the conference.

All the participants I talked to were really glad they attended the conference, and the core team got a lot of inspiration. There will definitively be more conferences in the months and years to come. If the interest is big enough the next one will be in Melbourne in the end of May 2018.

It has been some time since the last update, the core team has not been relaxing. The September release is one of the biggest releases ever for H5P. The changes that can be seen are large, but the by far biggest changes cannot be seen, and I’m so proud that H5P is taking huge steps towards our goal of delivering state of the art accessibility in our interactive content. The next release will be almost exclusively focused on accessibility.

The last months of 2017 we’ll be focusing on the upcoming branching scenario content type and the H5P Hub. We will fix things that multiple people have reported on like not showing content types to users who can’t use them and make it easier for organizations who can only update the H5P plugin twice per year to use the H5P Hub. Last but not least we will add the ability to share and reuse content, not only content types. Being able to share content is the missing piece of our vision. Empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.

What to do next?