A great interface for H5P in the learning environment


Having a great interface makes great tools even better. One of the most important aspects of having a base of learning tools is how you share and work with them in your organisation. If you do this right, they will be used more and it will make colloboration around content much more likely.

Like with everything else we do, we believe interface and usability is key to success of adoption.

Make it easy and create a single searchable archive with permissions control and the ability to clone (for translation purposes of the interface) as part of those must haves! We certainly often experience that the people who make the quizzes and interactions are not always the same persons, who create other course content.

In realizing this it is important to have a user interface accomodating this situation. It is easier than ever to share and collaborate on the interactive objects...and no more embed codes. Just point where you want them and that is all there is to it. 

The Eurekos team.

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Hi Nick,

What platform are you guys using for your learning environment? It looks mighty nice!

Is it a bunch of WordPress plugins, or something completely new?



Hi Onno - we developed this in collaboration with some big educational institutions over the last 4 years and at the bottom we have Drupal. We have custom built a course builder, editing interface, communication, learning teams, communities and not at least a social hub with two-way social media integration. And of course with the use of H5P interactions and xAPI. It is very coherent and not just a bunch of plug-ins - of course based on a foundation of several projects.

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Thank you. We have something else coming up this October - also based on the H5P objects. I can't wait to share this. I will make a new reference to this but it's about analytics :-)