The H5P Core Team's focus in 2024

status update banner January 2024

H5P entering a new phase

The next phase for H5P is to refocus and massively grow the H5P community, but let's step back and look at the first three phases first:

  • Phase 1 - 2012 – 2014:
    Idea and prototype
  • Phase 2 - 2014 – 2018:
    Scaling up as open source only
  • Phase 3 - 2018 – 2023:
    Becoming sustainable with

We consider each phase successful. The goal of Phase 1 was to establish a proof of concept that solved real world problems. Phase 2 was to attract a significant amount of users. Without a marketing dollar spent we as a community succeeded in exponentially growing the H5P install base to hundreds of thousands of web sites. We are reaching hundreds of millions of end users.

Phase 3 has also been a success. now has over 2,000 organizations as customers. They generate recurring revenue for H5P Group ensuring the maintenance, improvements and future developments of H5P.

Now phase 4 starts. The goal of phase 4 is to fully implement H5P’s vision. From the first three phases we have:

  1. The best concept for interactive content.
  2. The world’s largest interactive content community.
  3. A solid foundation for the H5P Core Team and H5P infrastructure.

In phase 4 the focus will be on H5P as a whole again. We plan on making H5P the best possible eco-system for the community at large.

The following will change in 2024

  • Communication from the H5P Group will be less “company broadcast” and more community based.
  • More development effort towards improving H5P as a whole. In 2024 we will especially see this on the end user design where the look and feel will be modernized and colors will be customizable.
  • More focus on the development (programming) experience, catering more to the developers in the H5P community.

I hope we will see even more energy within the H5P Community now that we are finishing up phase 3 and are able to focus fully on implementing H5P’s vision as a whole.

10 years after its inception H5P is closer than ever to becoming the holy grail for interactive content.

  • Ensuring that content is not locked in, but can be moved between publishing platforms.
  • Ensuring that the content is always editable and super easy to reuse.

There are certainly improvements needed before we are fully there, where most interactive content in the world follows the same standard. These improvements are coming. Hopefully at the end of Phase 4 we can say that we have succeeded in realizing the full potential of H5P. We will see much better interactive content being built much faster.

What to do next?