January 2024 Release Note

New Content type - Game Map

Gamify your H5P content like never before with otacke's most impressive content type to date. With Game Map you can create all kinds of gamified experiences based on a game map.

Make your learners:

  • Earn rewards by completing questions
  • Risk their lives when they fail questions
  • Unlock new sections of the game
  • and more...

A new level of engagement for your H5P content!

Game Map Example

Example of a Game Map

Some of the key features in Game Map:

  • Upload custom background for the map
  • Add game nodes to the map with configurable colors
  • Add roads between the game nodes with configurable colors
  • Decide if nodes should be visible from the start or appear when other nodes are completed
  • Give the user a number of lives so that they must start over if they make too many mistakes
  • Require a certain amount of points before some game nodes are unlocked
  • Require that other nodes are completed before some nodes are unlocked
Editor for Game Map

Other updates

All open source plugins maintained by the H5P Core Team have been updated with the latest H5P Core. Other features have also been added to some of the plugins:


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