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Text boxes - Formatting options with dropdowns

Using the text boxes on Chrome (I use Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)) has some problems around the formatting sytles that have dropdowns to select your format.

E.g. the Text syle, Text size %, Text colour and Text highlight.

The dropdowns jump/flicker making it hard to select the format you want, the Text% drop down doesn't let you scroll because of this issue.

It works in IE which is fine for now so I can keep creating content but would be better if ity worked in Chrome as I use this browser primarily.

How to create JAVA based H5P plugins for JAVA based publishing platforms


Hi Team,
As per the H5p community, H5P plugins are so far only created for PHP based publishing platforms. H5P has been designed to be easy to implement on new platforms.but as a beginner I am unable to move forward so could you please provide me some guidelines to create an H5P plugin using java language to support java based applications.

Q1)Is H5P providing any web services to create the plugin?

Thanks & Regards,


Restrospective 'Shared' not translating to space - ALL content types

**not sure if this is the right forum - apologies if it isn't**

Now you can retrospectively select 'shared' on H5P objects. This has LIMITED functionality. It doesn't work in the same way for us as when objects have 'shared' selected when created.

It does 'share' the object:  it can be seen in the 'shared' list of objects, and can be cloned.