Image Slider

Use Image Hotspot in Image Slider


(how) is it possible to implement an image hotspot into the image slider tool (like it is on the image hotspot info page with the berries and the map)?

Or is it even Possible to implement an image Hotspot as an image in the image hotspot tool?

I would like to create a worldmap. On this worldmap I would like to display and summarise arround 10 project works. If I use the normal Image Hotspot tool, the Hotspots are too big, so that it is not clear in which country the project was.

Allow URL Link in Image Hotspots and Image Slider

Dear H5P gurus, there may be a way already, but if not, i would like to know if there may be plans in the future to be able to link hotspots or image sliders to url's.

For example, if I want a particular image to link to a page within our site, it would be really nice if there was a field during the creation of the content to allow that particular image to link to a page when clicked on.

Same for the hotspots, can you add the ability to url a hotspot?

There is some awesome work here, thanks so much for your open source project, and your hard work.

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