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Dialog Cards with new features

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Hi there,

This is an invitation to have a look at a couple of examples of activities created with an "improved" version of Dialog Cards, on my garden site here: http://www.rezeau.org/wp-garden/en/category/about/quizzes/

From the "Credits" details on my site:

This activity is based on the H5P Dialog Cards activity with some extra features:

Dialog Cards :: Long text Scaling bug

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Dialog Cards > Behavioural settings > Scale the text to fit inside the card.

This option makes it possible to resize a longish text to fit inside a card. Of course, a longish text then has such a tiny font that it becomes illegible, and of course the Dialog Cards activity is not supposed to consist of longish texts. However, for the purpose of crash-testing this activity (!) I have found the following bug.

Create a Dialog Cards activity with at least 2 cards. In Card 1 insert a long text. Check Behavioural settings > Scale the text to fit inside the card.

Left-aligned text bug in Dialog Cards

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In the Dialog Cards activity, text entered in the Text or Answer text boxes should be left-aligned by default. Text is left-aligned in Edit mode, but changes to center-aligned in View mode. Only the center and right-align formatting work in View mode.

For an example see https://h5p.org/node/35694