Essay Regex


can someone help with this query:

In using the essay interaction I have been trying the following regex in a keyword box


I have tried it on and it finds what I am looking for (one of the second set of words within 7 word distance of the first set.

This is my test sentence:

Essay - Apostrophe, Quotations marks and line break


Three bugs I've stumped upon in Essay activity :

  1. In "Help text" hint, apostrophes and quotations marks can't be used : their html translations appear "&..." instead of these special characters ;
  2. In solution, line breaks don't work ;
  3. In keywords fields (used to assess the students' work with words and expressions), apostrophes and quotations marks prevent the recognition of the keywords using them (likely because apostrophes and quotations marks are used in code for text strings ?).

Keep good working,

Dominique BODIN