Essay within Question Set / Quiz : "show the solution" button showing even when disabled

Hello !

I have noticed that there is no option in the standalone version of Essay to enable / disable the "Show the solution" button.
I was wondering if it was by design or if it was a feature yet to come :

Anyway, it is not too difficult to hide the button with a bit of CSS (display : none;).

Bug in Essay Q


Hi, I think I've got a but in the Essay content type. When displayed on an iPhone, the Solution (in my example, called "expert feedback") button does not appear. 


For reference, I've attached a screenshot of the terms I've used in this example.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Many thanks,




Advanced automated grading in Essay

I used Essay to create a task where students have to provide a random nonnegative integer n that is divisible by 5. In the keyword, I can manually add some keywords n=0, n=5, n=10, ... but in case the student intentionally provides a big number like n=5000, then this method is unefficient. Are we able to modify the automated grading in Essay content? Or do we have a better solution other than using Essay content?