Bug in Essay Q


Hi, I think I've got a but in the Essay content type. When displayed on an iPhone, the Solution (in my example, called "expert feedback") button does not appear. 


For reference, I've attached a screenshot of the terms I've used in this example.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Many thanks,




Advanced automated grading in Essay

I used Essay to create a task where students have to provide a random nonnegative integer n that is divisible by 5. In the keyword, I can manually add some keywords n=0, n=5, n=10, ... but in case the student intentionally provides a big number like n=5000, then this method is unefficient. Are we able to modify the automated grading in Essay content? Or do we have a better solution other than using Essay content?

Essay: Questions can be re-answered after reload

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Hi folks,

I'm using H5P with Moodle. I'd like to use the essay content type but have come across a weird behaviour.

I have decided that learners cannot repeat an essay after they have clicked the submit button. It works fine so far as the repeat button is not displayed. Hence, the student cannot enter another answer. But: Whenever the site is reloaded (may it be by hitting the F5 button or by going forth and back), the input field is empty and can be filled again.

This behaviour results in two issues: