H5P Essay question feedback - extend character length

Essay question currently allows the teacher to specify how many characters the learner can use in their response to the essay question, but the teacher is capped at 255 characters.
It would be extremely useful if the teacher can specify the length of the feedback as we often feel limited by the this character cap.

otacke said this was a feature developed a year ago on my post on GitHub ( and I was told to ask the core team, I hope this will cover it.

Essay - Apostrophe error / bug

I have a problem with the apostrophes in the Essay content type.

the apostrophe displays in the title, but 

not in the description.

not in the correction.

I have put an example on the this H5P site content embedded here:

This is a killer bug for this beatiful type of content. Please help and let me know a workaround.