How can I create a simple text entry box?


I have a relatively simple need but not sure how to produce it. I'd like users to simply write text into a box without the need for it to be checked for anything. It's just an opportunity for them to write.

I've used the essay content type for this but that's designed to have correct/incorrect answers. I know also that there's the dictation content type, and while the text entry box is what I want, I don't want the dictation option. 

Is there any way to get a simple text input content type like below?


Bug xAPI Data Essay

Hi everyone,

i think there might be a bug in the tracking of the xAPI Datas (only the object. def. name) of the essay.

My scenario:

I have a question set, and one of the questions is an essay. The title of the essay is: Question 1. If someone submit the essay, the data is tracked but the name of the object is "Essay" and not "Question 1".

How do I get "Question 1" as the object name of the essay instead of "Essay"? Anyone any idea? Or ist it possible to solve this bug?

Thank you very much!



Usefulness H5p

One of the great benefits with using H5P is that it gives you access to lots of different interactive content types, such as presentation, interactive video, memory game, quiz, multiple choice, timeline, collage, hotspots, drag and drop, cloze test (fill in the blanks), personality quiz, accordion, flash cards, audio recorder.