xAPI completed setting for Course Presentation needed


I have H5P + Drupal + TinCan xAPI working and I am able to get my statements back from my LRS (Learning Locker)

Currently I am checking for the verb completed but I have noticed that some Course Presentations never get set to "completed" and stay in "attempted" or "progressed" state

This happens when there are no questions in the presentation.

How can I detect that the user viewed the Course Presentation if there are no questions in it?



Add better multisupport to the H5P WordPress plugin

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The H5P WordPress plugin is currently not optimized for use on a WP multisite network. Instead of simply network activating and installing a single set of libraries for H5P content throughout the network, the plugin must be left network inactive and individually activated on each site on the network, and the needed libraries are installed repeatedly for each site using H5P.