Wider scroll bar on the right

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Maybe I'm the only one who has trouble with this...but I find that the scroll bar on the right of the activity creation window is too narrow.  There's a lot of scrolling involved in editing H5P activities and I find it frustrating to have to fight with the scroll bar all the time.  The attached screenshots show the width of the scroll bar in an H5P activity compared to the scroll bar in this comment window.  

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Modify available licenses


Hi All,

I'm attempting to modify the available licenses when authors are creating h5p. Specifically, I'm attempt to remove CC BY 2.0 as an option.

However, any attempts to make these modifications in h5p.classes.php or h5p.js (Drupal 9.x-2.0.0) seem to be ignored. I imagine I'm missing something?

Thanks in advance for any insight,



Unable to see Grade Review in Moodle of H5P


Hi all,

I am using Moodle with H5P Interactive content like Atrimetical Quiz, Course presention and Interactive Videos too (almost all).

But facing issues unable to see Grade review after users attempts atrimetical quizs and others too.

Please help to understand if any configuratio which I missed.

Only Interactive videos review I can see in grades section.