New content type: Image hotspots

The Image hotspots content type is now available! Here's an example. This content type allows you to place hotspots on top of images. Each hotspot contains a header and a text, which is revealed when the user presses the hotspot icon. 

Content designers can upload an image or graphic and add in-depth information about various details depicted. End users are activated by pressing on the hotspots to learn more.

To get started creating Image hotspots, download the h5p file found here, and upload it to your own site with H5P enabled. As always, you'll be able to create your own Image hotspots once you have uploaded the first instance of the content type to your CMS.

You can always test drive H5P and the Image hotspots content type right here on

A tutorial for creating Image hotspots can be found here.

Good luck creating Image hotspots!