Summary content type

H5P comes with multiple content types designed to test learners’ knowledge within a certain topic. Examples are the Multichoice questions, Fill in the blanks and Drag & drop questions. In the H5P lineup of quizzing tools, we also find the Summary content type. Summary offers a multiple choice question experience with an exciting twist. 

Summary allows learners to build their own summary of a topic in an interactive way. After reading a text or watching a video, the learner is presented with a sequence of statement groups related to the topic. 

For each group of statements, there is one correct statement and at least one wrong statement. Every time the learner selects a correct statement, this statement is added to a sequence of correct statements about the topic in a chronological order. The score is reduced for each wrong statement the learner selects. An example is shown in the screenshot below.

Summaries are a perfect way to strengthen your learners’ ability to remember by encouraging them to build interactive summaries as they learn. 

The Summary content type has been in use at for years, previously in Flash (example). It is very popular among both students and teachers and is a great tool to make students learn more after a training video, article, lesson or other learning activity.

Use Summaries in Interactive videos and Presentations

You can use the Summary content type stand-alone, or you can include them in Interactive Videos or Presentations. The screenshot below shows an example of a Summary included at the end of an interactive video.

Try yourself!

Get started creating your own Summary by reading the Summary tutorial.