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H5Ps may now store scores

Results from tests and other H5P interactivities are now stored in both Drupal and Wordpress. This means that H5P may be used for homework and other use-cases where activities and results need to be tracked. H5P stores when a user starts the activity, when he finishes, how many points he got of how many possible points.

How can we make the H5P Editor even better?

H5P is a community driven project, and feedback from the community is a vital contribution in the development of H5P. Please help make the H5P editor even better!

An upgrade of the design and functionality of the generic H5P editor has been proposed by Joubel. See the interactive hotspots below for a quick overview of some proposed new features. 


Here are the highlights of the upgrade proposal:

Content upgrade is here!

It's now possible to upgrade the content which is stuck using the older versions of your favorite content library. Let's say you have 50 interactive videos using "Interactive Video 1.0" and wish to migrate over to the newer improved "Interactive Video 1.2" (which has support for bookmarks ++). This can now easily be done through the new content upgrade system, which is available in the libraries admin section of your plugin or module. Simply upload the new version of the content library.